Comfortable beds, well-built and organized room.

Spacious room with a large bathroom. Sofa “extra” very large size – easily accommodated two children.

A common item we equip hotel facilities with are cabinets and bathroom mirrors. When implementing bathroom cabinets, in addition to aesthetics, a very important element is the durability of the furniture. Therefore, we pay special attention to the materials used and the technology of manufacture. The materials we use and the manufacturing technology meet the […]

During implementation, we refer to our years of experience. A common element of optimization at the stage of our execution documentation is the inclusion in the detailed design of changes that solve the problem of overheating of refrigerators or minibars. The construction of the cabinet or built-in proposed by our designers takes into account the […]

There are a lot of factors that affect the cost of making furniture buildings. At the design stage, it is the proposed materials and technical solutions. We help while maintaining the design to perform optimization, which simplifies the project in the implementation process and reduces costs. It is also important to arrange an optimal work […]

The installation manager works with the other construction teams at the interface between our buildings and other trades, sets joint work schedules and controls the quality of workmanship.

In order to streamline the implementation process, we participate in coordination meetings of representatives of all companies involved in the project. Our contract manager attends weekly site coordination meetings to manage the implementation process and oversee the work schedule. On an ongoing basis, with the participation of the investor and GW, he manages the risks […]


WH Plus has equipped hotel rooms and common areas at the “Radisson Blu Resort & Conference Center” hotel in Ostroda. This delightful hotel offers a picturesque location on Lake Drwęckie in Ostróda.

  • Over 200 rooms plus common area facilities
  • Use of flame-retardant materials, laminates and veneers.