Mattresses adapted to the class of the facility

We offer hotel mattresses suitable for facilities of any standard. Our economical Bonell mattresses are ideal for guesthouses, hostels and hotels up to three stars, offering sturdiness and comfort at an affordable price. Pocket and Multipocket models are designed for higher-end hotels, providing premium-level comfort with double-sided options and a locking connection system.

Modular Mattress Bonding
Modular Mattress Bonding

The hotel mattresses we offer are equipped with a practical locking connection system that allows you to quickly transform two single beds into one double bed. This functionality allows flexible management of hotel space and adaptation to individual guest needs, without compromising on comfort or aesthetics.

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Hotel mattresses

Sleep quality is crucial to hotel guest satisfaction. Our specialized hotel mattresses provide comfort, durability and aesthetics, meeting the requirements of the industry. The choice of mattress ensures not only a comfortable sleep, but also savings.

Bonell mattresses

Bonell mattresses

An economical choice for 3-star facilities.

  • Suitable for guesthouses, hostels and hotels up to 3 stars
  • Height: 16-20cm
  • Possibility of an additional layer of felt or coir
  • Easy-to-wash cover
Pocket Mattresses

Pocket Mattresses

A comfortable series of mattresses for demanding guests.

  • Specialized hotel mattress tailored to industry requirements
  • Height: 16-30cm (depends on additional layers)
  • Double-sided options, an extra layer of sponge, and a “winter/summer” variant
  • Pocket-spring insert with 15-year warranty
  • System of connecting mattresses with a lock
Multipocket mattresses

Multipocket mattresses

Superior quality and comfort, ideal for high-end facilities.

  • An elite level of comfort with an additional high-flex or latex layer
  • Height: 20-37cm (depends on additional layers)
  • Double-sided options and “winter/summer” variant
  • Pocket-spring insert with 15-year warranty
  • System of connecting mattresses with a lock

Why choose us?


High Adaptability

Regardless of the choice - bonel, pocket or multipocket - each mattress adapts perfectly to the guest's body, ensuring a deep and healthy sleep.



Double-sided options with "winter/summer" variants, as well as the ability to connect mattresses with a lock, make it easy to customize the bed to suit your current needs.



Our mattresses are characterized by high quality workmanship, which is confirmed by a 15-year warranty on springs in pocket and multipocket models.


Frequently asked questions

The most common mattress of choice is Pocket with a thickness of approx. 19 cm. Its popularity is due to the 7-zone pocket spring, which provides an optimal fit to the body. In addition, the mattress offers high point elasticity and durability thanks to layers of felt and polyurethane foam. It is the most comfortable according to the assessment of most of our customers, offering the best value for money, making it an attractive choice in the context of hospitality.

The system of connecting mattresses with a lock allows you to seamlessly and stably combine two mattresses into one larger bed. This is ideal for hotels that want to offer both single and double beds depending on guests’ needs. The system is very stable and provides comfortable sleep without the feeling of a “gap” between mattresses.

Yes, our mattresses come with covers that are easy to remove and wash. This makes it possible to quickly and effectively remove any stains, which is crucial in heavy use in hotel facilities.