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Furniture for aparthotels must appeal to investors – apartment owners and later to aparthotel guests. Over many years of equipping such facilities, we have acquired the knowledge to create such furniture. One of the items that has been developed for such facilities is the komodokuchen. See what advantages it combines.

Cost optimization is our specialty!
Cost optimization is our specialty!

Any furniture design can be optimized by our designers. This is associated with financial savings and an easier implementation process. Examples of such optimizations can be seen in the video.

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Support in implementation

Sometimes project companies do not have enough time to provide constant supervision of the investment. Then our design department will advise and solve the technical problems that very often arise. Time plays a considerable role in this case, and we can save it for you.



Many of our clients have successfully used this form of financing for part of their investments. We can prepare documentation that is easily accepted by leasing companies. This reduces expenses, important especially at the investment end.


Legal conditions

We follow a contract execution procedure. Our assemblers are contracted and have the opportunity to work abroad, and are trained in health and safety regulations. In addition, our company has third-party liability insurance with a reputable insurance agency.

Szyndzielnia Apartments
Szyndzielnia Apartments

Both the building and the apartment itself luxurious. Wonderful large terrace, elegant decor and all amenities for a short stay.

Bossa Nova Szklarska Poreba
Bossa Nova Szklarska Poreba

Very stylishly decorated, super comfortable bed.

Tremonti Hotel, Karpacz
Tremonti Hotel, Karpacz

Modern technology has been used and considerable attention has been paid to the details of the design. The rooms and the entire hotel infrastructure are tasteful and pleasing to the eyes.


Frequently asked questions

We can check whether the various proposed materials can be converted into equivalent ones. We can check the dimensions of the furniture, which affect the amount of raw material used in production. Thanks to the high production volume, we can get lower prices for board, pvc veneer, wood and fabric, which will ultimately reduce the price of the finished product. However, this is always done after the project is submitted and in close cooperation with the investor and designer

Of course yes, although it is not true that all the furniture in the room must be made of flame-retardant board. The main aspect is whether or not they are permanently attached to the ground or walls, and consequently how they are mounted. In the history of our implementations, the fire department’s interpretation of the regulations has always been in accordance with the law cited in our blog, which attests to flame-retardant, properly installed furniture in rooms, and does not require it. But for your own safety, I advise you to check the past decisions of the fire department in your region, because it is the firefighter’s decision that is always binding.

Yes, we have procedures for handling, delivery, execution, installation, which we revise after each investment when something surprises us. Fortunately, this is increasingly rare. An abbreviated version of the implementation procedure can be seen here. I invite you to talk about its expanded version. Then, when it is necessary to plan the course of this part of the contract.

The kitchenette offers full kitchen functionality in a compact form, ideal for longer stays where guests may prefer to cook for themselves. In contrast, the dresser, with its ability to be transformed into a simple kitchen, is ideal for short stays or smaller spaces, offering basic kitchen amenities along with elegant storage.