We have already produced 50,000 hotel beds.

The elegant continental hotel bed consists of two main elements: a stable base supported by legs and a mattress that rests perfectly on it. With the ability to adjust the dimensions of the individual parts, the height of the bed can be adjusted as needed. Although there is no uniform height standard for such beds, the most common height oscillates between 55cm and 60cm.

In addition, our beds offer an easy sliding function, which is extremely useful in hotel room arrangements. In addition, they are equipped with a special safety mechanism that guarantees stability during use. When you choose our beds, you get a combination of functionality and elegance, perfect for any hotel.

We offer hotel beds in different sizes and on different types of bases (bases)
We offer hotel beds in different sizes and on different types of bases (bases)

You will receive expert advice on size, type of base, mattress and possible color schemes. Based on it, you will choose the best beds for your guests. Upon request, they will be brought and brought to the rooms in your facility.

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Offer hotel beds

Our beds guarantee the comfort of your guests. We match them in color with the rest of the room furnishings. We offer stable bases and comfortable mattresses that can withstand intensive use in a hotel environment for a long time.

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Possibility of combining beds

Offered in single and double versions, our beds provide modular solutions to meet different requirements and adapt to space constraints.

  • Modularity: Single and double beds that can be combined as needed.
  • Soft box or Hard box base: Soft box with flexible spring design contrasts with Hard box. Both versions with a non-slip coating to prevent the mattress from moving. See the Hardbox and Springbox diagram in our gallery.
  • Customized headrest: the possibility of adjusting the design of the headrest to the specifics of the interior.
  • Mattress included: the mattress is an integral part of the bed, guaranteeing uniformity and comfort of sleep.

Titan beds are a combination of quality, functionality and style perfect for your hotel.

Why choose us?



We will advise on the choice of base color, type and height. The bed will match the other furnishings, and the mattress will be comfortable. This will increase guest satisfaction and highlight the character of your facility.


Durability and configurability

Using fabrics proven by other customers, our beds are durable and resistant to damage. Therefore, they serve for years, maintaining their original comfort and appearance. The bases are lightweight and stable, making the beds easy to configure from single to double.



Our pricing is always tailored to your needs. We have in mind the type of guests and their preferences, the nature of the facility and your previous experience. Thus, we manage to propose a type of bed that is optimal.

Tremonti Hotel, Karpacz
Tremonti Hotel, Karpacz

Rooms designed with attention to comfort. Hard bed, very comfortable.

Bossa Nova, Szklarska Poreba
Bossa Nova, Szklarska Poreba

Very stylishly decorated, super comfortable bed

Hotel Bergo Resort & SPA, Szklarska Poreba
Hotel Bergo Resort & SPA, Szklarska Poreba

The bed is overrated, we slept like never before


Frequently asked questions

The most common mattress of choice is Pocket with a thickness of approx. 19 cm. Its popularity is due to the 7-zone pocket spring, which provides an optimal fit to the body. In addition, the mattress offers high point elasticity and durability thanks to layers of felt and polyurethane foam. It is the most comfortable according to the assessment of most of our customers, offering the best value for money, making it an attractive choice in the context of hospitality.

The system of connecting mattresses with a lock allows you to seamlessly and stably combine two mattresses into one larger bed. This is ideal for hotels that want to offer both single and double beds depending on guests’ needs. The system is very stable and provides comfortable sleep without the feeling of a “gap” between mattresses.

Simplicity is the key. A metal-plastic element, commonly called a “crocodile,” is used to connect and disconnect the beds. It is extremely effective.

Casters with brakes are especially useful if you plan to combine two single beds into one double bed

Customers most often opt for continental beds with a hardbox base.

The price of the bed is shaped by three main elements:

  • Type of base – in Poland, the most popular base is hardbox.
  • Mattress type – most customers choose a pocket mattress of medium firmness.
  • Choice of upholstery – it is usually matched with other upholstered furniture in the room.