Flexible offerings tailored to the specifics of small hotel facilities. Invest in the future and attract more visitors.

At WH Plus, we know how important it is for you to create a unique atmosphere in your facility. That’s why we offer furniture for independent hotels and guesthouses that will fit perfectly into the character of your family establishment, while taking care of your pocket. What do you gain? Assistance at every stage of implementation – from consulting through design to production and installation. Smaller, family-run facilities need not look any worse than large chain hotels. On the contrary! Our solutions will make your property a unique place where guests will want to return, and ratings on portals will skyrocket.

Your budget our priority
Your budget our priority

Cost is one thing, value is another. At WH Plus, we combine both, offering furniture of excellent quality at prices that will really surprise you. Invest wisely in style and functionality without straining your budget.

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Individual approach to each customer

We understand that every venue is unique, so we offer personalized solutions that highlight the character of your venue and set it apart from the competition. All customers are equally important to us.


Durability and quality

We offer quality furniture that will stand the test of time. Investing with us, you are assured that the furniture will last for many years, while maintaining its aesthetic appearance and modern character.


Optimum use of space

We advise on arrangements to create a comfortable environment for your guests even in small rooms. Our solutions allow you to optimize the functionality of each room.

Cracow Rentals
Cracow Rentals

Super location, very well equipped and cozy interior!

Ermine-Suites Apartments, Krakow
Ermine-Suites Apartments, Krakow

Great location and very comfortable beds!

BC 29 Residence, Krakow
BC 29 Residence, Krakow

Large apartment, clean, modern furnishings, high ceiling, very comfortable bed.


Frequently asked questions

It does not matter to us whether we are implementing a large or smaller facility. Every customer is equally important to us and we approach each with equal commitment.

Family-owned, independent facilities can compete with network facilities. Just what for! A large proportion of hotel guests greatly appreciate the intimacy and atmosphere of small, family-run facilities – even if they don’t have more spa services, a larger pool. Residents of large cities want to get away from the hustle and bustle, even in elegant surroundings. Smaller facilities have a future! We want to be part of that future

Our furniture is ALWAYS customized to meet your individual needs! We will match them to any interior, maintaining reasonable prices.

We can check whether the various proposed materials can be converted into equivalent ones. We can check the dimensions of the furniture, which affect the amount of raw material used in production. Thanks to the high production volume, we can get lower prices for board, pvc veneer, wood and fabric, which will ultimately reduce the price of the finished product. However, this is always done after the project is submitted and in close cooperation with the investor and designer