We are trusted by more than 30 chain hotels in Poland and Europe.

We produce furniture for both hotel chains and investors who adopt the standards of the brand of their choice. This can be furniture that simultaneously meets the standards of a hotel chain and is specific only to the facility being furnished. Thus, they give it an individual character while still remaining a recognizable network facility.

Cost optimization is our advantage!
Cost optimization is our advantage!

See how much we can reduce the price of your project by adjusting the materials to maintain the highest quality and aesthetics of the furniture. Our expert knowledge allows us to find the most effective solutions.

Grzegorz Raczek

Grzegorz Raczek

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Cooperation on investment

During the course of implementation, we respond to possible changes on the site, both timely and technical, arrangement. In addition, we are involved in coordinating equipment details between contractors of the ranges that concern us. Investors don't have to worry about these issues anymore because we are here to help them. This saves the investor time.



We can efficiently use our experience in the industry to reduce costs. We know what not to save on, and where to press to invest in the most effective, in terms of satisfying guests and shaping their opinions, way. Our role is to determine the technical aspects and method of installation, as well as to advise on the most favorable version of the material.


Support in implementation

Sometimes project companies do not have enough time to provide constant supervision of the investment. When problems arise that need to be solved shortly, our project department will show how to solve them. And then we do it. Time plays a considerable role in this case, and we can save it for you.

Holiday Inn Krakow City Centre
Holiday Inn Krakow City Centre

Comfortable beds, well-built and organized room.

Hotel Bergo Resort & SPA, Szklarska Poreba
Hotel Bergo Resort & SPA, Szklarska Poreba

Spacious room with a large bathroom. Sofa “extra” very large size – easily accommodated two children.


Frequently asked questions

A common item we equip hotel facilities with are cabinets and bathroom mirrors. When implementing bathroom cabinets, in addition to aesthetics, a very important element is the durability of the furniture. Therefore, we pay special attention to the materials used and the technology of manufacture. The materials we use and the manufacturing technology meet the requirements of moisture resistance.

During implementation, we refer to our years of experience. A common element of optimization at the stage of our execution documentation is the inclusion in the detailed design of changes that solve the problem of overheating of refrigerators or minibars. The construction of the cabinet or built-in proposed by our designers takes into account the requirements of adequate ventilation of the device.

There are a lot of factors that affect the cost of making furniture buildings. At the design stage, it is the proposed materials and technical solutions. We help while maintaining the design to perform optimization, which simplifies the project in the implementation process and reduces costs. It is also important to arrange an optimal work schedule that will maximally shorten the entire implementation, and thus reduce costs – for example, the number of transports, the length of installation, the number of installation teams.

The installation manager works with the other construction teams at the interface between our buildings and other trades, sets joint work schedules and controls the quality of workmanship.

In order to streamline the implementation process, we participate in coordination meetings of representatives of all companies involved in the project. Our contract manager attends weekly site coordination meetings to manage the implementation process and oversee the work schedule. On an ongoing basis, with the participation of the investor and GW, he manages the risks that arise during the implementation of the project. When problems arise, our design team looks for design solutions on the fly, and the contract manager oversees the implementation process.

Yes, we work with the best suppliers of furniture materials, including based on cooperation with Egger, which meets strict environmental standards. In addition, we are modernizing our machinery, introducing modern and environmentally friendly technologies, such as furniture wrapping with PUR technology.

We can check whether the various proposed materials can be converted into equivalent ones. We can check the dimensions of the furniture, which affect the amount of raw material used in production. Thanks to the high production volume, we can get lower prices for board, pvc veneer, wood and fabric, which will ultimately reduce the price of the finished product. However, this is always done after the project is submitted and in close cooperation with the investor and designer