We carry out individual projects - counters, built-ins, enclosures for pillars, elevators, shafts.

Do you already have an interior design project? You know perfectly well what you expect? We are convinced that the uniqueness and individual approach to each project allows us to create unique interiors that will meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. Thanks to our extensive experience, cooperation with reputable suppliers and innovative approach to the implementation of the contract, we are able to perform any, even the most advanced order. Making furniture according to the project does not exclude the possibility of optimizing the cost of the investment.

Detailed project analysis is the key to success!
Detailed project analysis is the key to success!

Choosing optimal materials can result in significant savings without compromising on aesthetics and functionality. With our experience and skills, we are able to customize your solutions to be the most beneficial for you and at the same time friendly for your guests! Learn more about optimization

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Why choose us?


Optimized price offering

Custom-made furniture does not have to be more expensive at all. Thanks to our commitment, each project is treated uniquely and with the utmost care to optimize costs.


Highest service standards

We provide warranty and post-warranty service at the highest level. Our customer care doesn't end at the time of the sale - we are with you every step of the way in using our products.


Lease financing

We offer flexible leasing options to facilitate the acquisition of our products. This allows you to minimize your initial expenses and better manage your budget.


Frequently asked questions

Sometimes designers will use materials appropriate more for private use. We will verify it for their properties and durability.

We will verify your project and compare it with the regulations for categorization requirements.

Individual design absolutely does not exclude price optimization! Based on our experience and proven suppliers, we are able to make such seemingly minor design changes to achieve savings while maintaining appearance and functionality.