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    Optimization, savings

    Optimization of investment costs

    We noticed that investors have enough other things to deal with coordinating equipment details with design companies.

    Determining the technical aspects, how to install, choosing the most favorable version of the material can be difficult and cumbersome for someone not in the industry.

    That's why we take it upon ourselves to arrange directly with the design company, and the investor receives ready-made solutions for approval.

    Similarly, in the implementation process we will save your time. In this case, we'll do the work for you..., invoking your attention only in cases that really require it.

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    What will you gain?

    Reduce investment costs

    We can efficiently use our experience in the industry to optimize costs. We know what not to save on, and where to press to invest in the most effective, in terms of satisfying guests and shaping their opinions, way.

    For us, it's not just furniture to be made and put in the facility, but a comprehensive service that brings years of benefits.

    Don't buy things that are too expensive, or unnecessary

    When preparing your own hotel facility, giving it an individual touch is essential. Unfortunately, it should be noted that the imagination of designers is almost unlimited. With today's access to information, we can find designs in any shape, even almost impossible to make from the materials used in them.

    Such uniqueness would certainly be an asset, right? Yes, if your guests were after studying materials science. We assume that your guests do not have such specialized knowledge in a narrow field, so we count the relationship between price and benefit. We value unique and innovative furniture (see wireframe). At the same time, having been in the industry long enough to sincerely suggest the most optimal solutions.

    Increase profit by making better use of space

    Arranging furniture is a difficult art. Not every niche can be built into such a closet, which would also be functional. Proper furniture placement allows us to manipulate the space so that its aesthetics meet our expectations.

    Buy everything from one supplier

    Hotel fabrics, lamps or equipment necessary in apartments. With us you will complete the equipment without the need to find more suppliers or delegate these tasks.

    See if we can reduce the cost of your implementation

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    We manufacture hotel furniture,
    equipment for hotels, apartments and hotel rooms

    We furnish facilities with hotel furniture from several to hundreds of rooms. We carry out individual projects, but also have ready-made furniture sets for customers who require them. Based on years of experience, we are able to save you money and your time by optimizing the price and technicality of the project at bid time.

    Offer for aparthotel and condohotel facilities .

    Aparthotels and condohotels are a unique combination of the comfort of an apartment and the luxury of a hotel. Discover how our solutions and products help create these modern spaces, adapting to the specific needs of these facilities.

    • Investors building and buying aparthotels and condohotels.

    Offer to large properties and chain hotels.

    Optimizing costs and technical solutions in cooperation with the contractor and investor is our forte. See how we provide comfort and a unique look.

    • Design studios and architects.
    • Investors in the hotel industry.
    • Hotel chain managers.

    Offer for smaller family facilities, guesthouses, motels.

    We offer furniture that will fit into the character of your facility without straining your budget.

    • Owners of family-run guesthouses and small accommodations.
    • Investors in the hotel industry.