PoniżThis Privacy Policyśsets outśsets out the principles for obtaining and processing user datażusers usingąusing www.w-h.pl for the purposes of śeporting of services by roadą electronicą By the Administrator of the service. The use of the service isżthemselves with the consent ofą on the principles described in this policy. Privacy Policyśalso applies toż implementation of art. 13 OrdinanceąThe regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 of April 27, 2016. On the protection of individuals in connection withąin relation to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General RegulationąRegulation on the Protection of Personal Data, hereinafter referred to as RODO) (Official Journal of the EU L119 of 4.05.2016, p. 1).


Service – Internet service operatingąoperating at www.w-h.pl

External service

Third-party service – the websites of the administrator’s partners, service providers or recipients, to which links may be provided.ą can be found atć areę in the service or which the administrator uses to create and useżuse of the service.

Administrator – the company WH PLUS Furniture Manufacturer Krystyna Hyla conductingbusiness at the address: ul. ks. bpa Herbert Bednorza 2a/h2, 40-384 Katowice with assigned tax identification number (NIP): 6441050562,providingservices and storingandaccessinginformation inuser‘sdevices.


USER – a person for whom the administrator śprovides services by roadą electronically forśredirection of the service.


Device – electronic deviceąDevice – an electronic device with software, forśthrough which the userżThe user gets access toęaccess to the service

Cookies – text data collected in the form of files placed betweenęamong others on the deviceądeviceżuser

Purpose of the Privacy Policy



Administrator as the owner ofśThe owner of the service respects the rights and freedom ofśusersżusers of the service and shall do its utmost to respect their rights.ęthe greatest possible efforts to protect their data, with particular attention toęwith particular regard to the right to protection of privacyśThese. Therefore, theseż we collect the minimum information to allowąwhich allow us to ensure the correct operation of the service, adjusting it to the incipientąż changeąsię expectationsń and technology, preserving możliwośthose in contact with użusers filląforms, analysesę statisticną use our service to further improve it and prepare the best possible treśthose andęhe increase of its functionalityśThese. MięAmong others, for the purposes listed, we collect and process the necessaryęnecessary data, including personal data, forżusers. In order to możlively and accurateęthen explainśnić principles and mechanisms used for data collection and processing użusers have createdśwe presentą Politicianę Privateśthose of www.w-h.pl

Method and scope of data collection

Our service collects and processes personal data and how itż other technical data necessaryęnecessary for the proper operation of the service will notędące personal data. W zależnośon how the service is used by the userżThe user and the type of data, collection takes placeę At the initiative of the userżThe user by voluntarily providing contact information in the relevant fields of the forms or automatically by mechanisms used in cookies.

Data collected on the initiative of u

żThe user of the service, in order to be able tożpossibilityśto contactę with us by means ofą website, fill in the appropriate fields of the contact form providingąproviding data such as: first name, name, email address, phone number, purpose of contact, etc. Użuser, canżalsoż contactć contactę contact us directlyśdirectly useąc of the email addresses and phone numbers provided. The aforementioned forms of direct contactśedium alsoż wiinvolve się with personal information. Provision of this data is not obligatoryązkowe, choć obviouslyęd data tą są us indispensableędne to obtain możliwośthose feedback from użThe user and respond to his/her inquiry by means ofą e-mail or by phone. Użhe user providesąc contact details of the expressionżaę for their processing for the purpose of handling the application as well asż to udostęrelease of such data to processorsąto the extent necessaryęd to carry out the return contact (telecommunications operators, postal services, courier services, zwiąassociated with named product licensing, hosting providers, etc.). Użhe user has the right to expressżof additional consents for electronic marketing.

Data collected automatically.
When you visit a
żuser on the pages of the site, automatically collectedą data in the form of cookies, concerningące of a given visit. These data includeą mięAmong other things, the IP address of the userżuser, resolutionresolution screen resolution, type of browserądarks, operating system type, domain name, etc. – these data do not allową for unambiguous identification of użuser and areą collected onlyąOnly in order to ensure the correct operation of the service, theseąpermanentlyśof a given session and for statistical purposes. Data collected automatically caną być użyte for analysis worksń użusers on the site, statistical analysis, and to tie up theęncrease comfort, stabilityśthose, użusefulśand functionalityśTHE SERVICE. WięYou can find more information about the collection of data by cookiesę in the further partpartTHESE POLICIES. Accepting cookies is not obligatoryązkowe, and możliwośyou remove themęcia and amendments to the lawń reviewąeconomy are described in the following sectionęthose afterświęconceded to cookies.

Who is the data controller

About the purpose and scope of the processing of data provided on the initiative of użuser or collected automatically and contained in cookies created by the websiteę www.w-h.pl Administrator decides. With the administrator możon contactć contactę viaą email.

The data will beędą processed by the controller only ifżif they useżuser has given his/her consentę to process the information you provide in the forms and accept the operation of cookies and the information they collect.

Consent is voluntary and canżbeć in anyżbe withdrawn at any time without any negative for you.ństats of consequences. As part of our businessśWe also makeż marketing activities, while these activities areą onlyącially for the benefit of our company (e-mail marketing, telemarketing). The data acquired są alsoż processed by our contractors, who maintain theą Service on their servers and maintainą analysisę Statistical analysisą as well asż marketing campaigns and analysisę these campaigns. Jesteśus equallyż commitązani to udostęrelease of acquired data to entities that haveą entitlement to exhibitąfroth with such ¿±dication, such as police, prosecutors, sądy and certain officesędyńcreature – in situations and within the limits ofślated by law. The information contained in cookies są stored until withdrawn by youńyour consent (deletion of cookies and change of lawsń viewąbrowser) or until they expireśexpireętion or updating (overwriting) of this data. Information provided by forms on the website są stored until withdrawn by youńyour consent (deletion of emails and data) or until they expireśexpireęexpiration, which is 5 years after the lack of contact.

In everyżat any time canżat any timeńat any timerequestdać information on whether and what youńyour data areą processed by us. In każin any case we will try toę realizeć PańState requestdishes. Możsię however, it turned outć, żThat it is impossibleżlive or wiążsię with excessive expenditure śIn such a situation we will inform youństate about the lack of możliwośthose of implementation ¿±dation and its causes.


Our service has been provided with śsecurity measuresńsecurity measures, haveąaimed at protectingę personal data from lossą, inappropriateśmisuse and modificationą. The administrator also hasż pertinentą documentationę and implementżImplemented the appropriate procedures related toąprotectioną personal data at the company.

The administrator provides, żThat it protects any disclosed information in accordance with its obligationsąin accordance withąregulations and security protection standards in this regardńand in particularśin particular:

(1) Personal data collected by the Data Controller shall be subject toą directlyśdirect accessęin accordance with 29 RODO only authorizedżauthorized employees or associates of the Data Controller and authorized persons occupying theąthose dealing withę handlingą Service, who have been granted the appropriate powers of attorney.

2. administrator ośpledge, andż commissionąwhen contracting other entities śto provide services, requires partners according to the disposition of theą 28 of the RODO, to ensure appropriately high standards for the protection of entrusted personal data, to sign appropriate entrustment agreements in which partners confirmą application of the standards, and the right to control complianceśthe performance of these entities with these standards.

3. in order to ensure dueżproper protection of services śprovided by it by roadą electronicą, the Service Administrator applies a high level of securityń.

4. due toędu the public nature of the Internet, the use of services śof roadside servicesą electronicą możsię relate to zagżations, independentżnot on the Data Controller’s compliance with the due diligence of the data controller.żdue diligenceśThese.

What are



Cookies are computer data files, serve the following purposesąwhich are very importantżną functionę, facilitateąusing the Internet, allowingąc for better, faster, safer and more convenient use of it. A cookie is automatically created when you visit a website and stored on your deviceąningńcial (computer, smartphone, tablet) and a copy is sent to the web server. Cookies allową on the recognition of devicesąuipmentżuser and adjust the appearance accordinglyądu and behavior of the party to its individual needs. Cookies are needed są alsoż in case of necessityślogin withżhe user. Cookies allową for storing and retrieving information relating toąon how to moveę użhe user on the website. The data collected by cookies są however, to severely limited and serveserve mainly to support the site visit and for statistical purposes. Regardingą They include such data as the IP number, which łąwhether się offą, namesę site of originą, their storage time on the deviceąknitting cońcowe, data of the used reviewądarki, resolution usedśtion, the duration of the visit, the type of terminal from which the site visit is made, etc. Data such as first nameę, surname użuser, postal address, telephone, etc., from which theęconnectionąconnection are notą obtained. Service www.w-h.pl does not automatically collect żany information, exceptątek the information contained in cookies. Więmore about cookies canżon provingć się atświęconceded to them websites, e.g.:

What do they need



Cookies are usedą on our site for the purpose of:

– Content adjustmentsśof our website to the preferences of the userżuser and optimize the preparation of outputśinformation displayed. In particularśyou cookies allową will recognizeć Byeństatutesąnd properly preparedć untilśpageviewsę Mayąc keeping in mind the operating system, type of browserądarks, resolution and aspect ratio of the screen, type of deviceądzenia, etc.,

– Creation of statistics and sets ofńthat helpą us to knowć, which materials enjoyą się mostwiększą popularśthoseą, which subpages są najczęcially visited, how long użusers are stayingą On our pages, from which devicesądzeń useą, which will contractuallyżallows us to further improve the structure of our service and its contentśThese. Administrator and External ServicesęThird party uses cookies to collect and process statistical data such as e.g. visitor statistics, Office statisticsąofń Użonsumer or behavioral statisticsń użusers. These data are collected są in order to analyze and improve the Service.

– Login – The administrator uses cookies to maintain the session of the użuser of the site (after he/she logs inę). Dzięthanks to this solutionąużThe user does not have to take the following steps at eachżreenter each subpage of the siteć login and password and canżuseć from the site seamlesslyąbetweenębetween the various subpages.

– Social servicesśAdministrator and External ServicesęThird party useą Cookies to support social servicesśThe

– Marketing and Advertising – Administrator and External ServicesęThird-party services useą Cookies for marketing purposes and to serve UżUsers.

Types of cookies

Cookies insideęThird-party – files placed and read from the DeviceąUżby the Service’s data communications system

External cookiesęThird party – files placed and read from the DeviceąUżUser’s Device by IT systems of external Services.ęThird party

Session cookies – files posted and read from the DeviceąUżUser’s Device by the Site or external Sites.ęThird party during one session of a given Serviceądzenia. After the zakońend of session files areą deleted from the OfficeąUżUSER.

Persistent cookies – files placed and read from the DeviceąUżby the Site or external sites.ęthird parties until theyęremovedęcia. Files do not są removed automatically after the end ofńend of the Device session, unless żconfiguration of the DeviceąUżUser’s Device configuration is set to delete cookies after terminationńend of the session of the DeviceąDevice.

How we use cookies

Cookies used on our site storeą identifier or instructions allowące on the managementątreściami udostętruncated użhe user and how to make them availableętrending as well as statisticsą. Cookies used by ourą pagesę allową for:

– content matchingśof the content published and presented on the site,

– easier to get aroundę użuser on our website

– monitorąction of how to moveę during the session to ensureć ass and safetyńmobilityę On the site;

– measuring the movement of użUser traffic on the sites usingą Google Analytics code

– content matchingśof ads emitted in Google ‘s advertising network (remarketing)

– saveącating the information entered in the fields when you use theżuser changes the pageę;

– allowąużuser to remain on the same server throughout the session;

– matchąbyęThe language of the site according to the country from which youżuserę łąWhether;

– measuring the effectiveness ofś(ślection of conversions) of conducted advertising actions,

– establishment, maintenance and managementąsession managementą użuser, as well asżrememberęcheap language preferencesęzyling preferences and other lawsń

– hideącating information about the use of the site’s cookies when you use theżuser has accepted the use of them;

– obtainąanonymous statistical data onąregarding part ofęstotliwośThe use of the visited site;

– allowąmonitoring clicksclicks made on the newsletter received;

– identifyąużusers of the site come fromąsourced from the digital campaign.




The mechanisms for storing and reading Cookies do not allow you toą to download any personal data or żany confidential information from the OfficeąUżhe user. Transfer to Urz.ąUżUser of viruses, trojan horsesńTrojan horses and other worms is virtually impossible.żliwe. The cookies used by the Administrator inside theęmankind areą safe for the OfficeąOfficeń Użusers. For safeńtainty of cookies fromąfrom partners of the Service Administrator is not responsibleśThese. The administrator cooperates with the followingępująexternal servicesęThird-party services that caną postć Cookies on the DeviceąUżUSER: Google Analytics, Google AdSense, Google Ads, Facebook.

What cookies we use


Storage period



1 monthąc

The file used to outputśDisplays a message about cookies to the new użUsers of the site.


10 minutes

Google Analytics – a file used to monitor the indications ofźquery indicatorń With respect to its own servers. This cookie helps identify theć areas of the service that requireą optimization.


2 years

Google Analytics – a file used toused bywhich is used to collect information about the way our website is used by its usersżusers. This cookie helps us identifyć areas of the service that requireą optimization.


24 hours

analytics.js: servesżis used to differentiateżużusers.


The cookies used to makeśDisplay the most relevant ads on many Google services.

_fbp, tr, fr


Cookies that help display advertisements to people who have already visited the website.

How are they removed



Cookies areą deleted from the server after the end ofńended session and closedęviewąbrowser and after a time not exceedingąnot exceeding 24 monthsęon the user’s computerżuser.

How to change


view settings


browser not to save cookies

Standard settings of the review softwareąweb browsing housesśby default allows the placement and use of cookies, among other things.ęamong others on the deviceąuser’s deviceżhe user. These settings caną toć altered by the userżuser in the settings sectionń użused reviewąinternet economy. Użhe user canżThat on its own will completely blockć serviceę cookies or onąorć inform messagesące about każdoras attempt to send cookies to the deviceąużhe user. PoniżWe provide information onąrelating to the implementation of these lawsń for the most popular usersżcurrently in use reviewądiaries:

Internet Explorer






For the rest of the reviewądiaries instructions canżcan be foundFind on the Internet.

Information about opt-out and third-party cookies

We inform you, żresignation – except forąswitching off cookies canżmay make it more difficultć navigationę on the site or the delivery of the services offered on our website or otherwise hinder theć użytting our site. Changes to the lawń in the reviewąthe Internet browser caną preventżpreventć proper operation alsoż other websites affectąaffecting certain functionalitiesśaccessępne on these pages. The administrator does not bear żany liabilityśfor malfunctioningąfunctions of the Service in case UżUser restricts in any way the ability tożpossibilitytion of saving and reading of cookies.

We inform you, żThat on our website you caną się appearć redirects to other sites. In such cases, it is necessary tożrememberętać, żthat on these pages you canżthatąapplyć a different privacy policyś(sic).

Cookies in the deviceąknitting cońużhe users of our website mayą być posted and used equallyż by cooperateąof our companiesą partners and subcontractors (advertising campaigns, google analytics and statistics, etc.).

Changes to the Privacy Policy



Functionality and offerings of our service willęwill evolve over time, changingąevolvingę and adjustingąmatching expectationsń użusers. Changed probably będą alsoż technologies used, standards applied and legal requirements related toąrelated to the conduct of businessśThose on the Internet. Thus, in private-policyśbędą changes and modifications were taking place. Along with każdą changesą, a new version of the Privacy Policyśthese bęsię appeared on the site with an appropriate message, and at the same timeśnot udostępniana będzie on the indicated page old policy. The administrator reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time.świthout the need forświthoutświthout having to directly inform the user about itżusers, leaveąleaving only the appropriateą informationę at the entranceśthe entrance to whichąeither sideę service. Changes made enterą w żcome into effect on the date of publication of the Privacy Policyś.

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