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    Implementation procedure

    We have worked for a long time to make the implementation process as less cumbersome as possible and as satisfying as possible for the customer. We have been able to identify steps that save time and resources that benefit both parties. This process is improving all the time, it looks like this:

    Stage of findings

    • We make a model room. After it is done, we will listen to the comments and provide ours - which will always be useful.
    • Together, we will determine a production and installation deadline that is realistic and acceptable to both parties, and the conditions under which it can be achieved
    • We will establish contractual terms and sign a contract.
    • Many of our customers finance their purchases through leasing. We work with 2 specialized companies whose contact we can provide

    Implementation stage

    • We will make workshop drawings of the furniture for approval - if needed
    • We determine the responsible persons from WH Plus to contact the relevant person from the investor's side. They are always the same people who have already learned about the project at the bidding and optimization stage. These are the people listed on the offer sheet.
    • If there is a need, we propose to divide the contract into stages so that it is easier to control the progress of the work.
    • We react on an ongoing basis to changes and difficulties, which, unfortunately, always arise. We have a lot of experience working with other teams on site.

    With the above, we finish the work on time and ask for references.

    Before the final acceptance, we use our own internal acceptance, which definitely facilitates this final acceptance with the investor.