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    You may want to entrust us with your investment and spend your money with us

    It succeeds because we have people on our team who know how to do it right at every stage of execution-design, production, delivery and installation. This helps save your time, which is so necessary when dealing with the challenge of opening a new facility, or refreshing it.
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    "The video shows the company before the name change from Lupus to WHPlus".

    Stairway to heaven

    Stairway to heaven

    A staircase enclosure realized by our installation department at the customer's site. This required precision in maintaining the consistency of milling individual pieces more than seven meters high and with uneven walls.

    We work with the developer and construction teams implementing the project.

    We discuss in detail the electrical design, which is the basis for the orchestration of the equipment.

    We make a model room, and since this is usually not enough, we inventory all the rooms.

    We work to eliminate or mask the unevenness of walls and recesses.

    We probably won't eliminate all your problems, but we will certainly take some of them on board.

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    our implementation process.

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    Our team

    We manufacture hotel furniture,
    equipment for hotels, apartments and hotel rooms

    We furnish facilities with hotel furniture from several to hundreds of rooms. We carry out individual projects, but also have ready-made furniture sets for customers who require them. Based on years of experience, we are able to save you money and your time by optimizing the price and technicality of the project at bid time.

    Offer for aparthotel and condohotel facilities .

    Aparthotels and condohotels are a unique combination of the comfort of an apartment and the luxury of a hotel. Discover how our solutions and products help create these modern spaces, adapting to the specific needs of these facilities.

    • Investors building and buying aparthotels and condohotels.

    Offer to large properties and chain hotels.

    Optimizing costs and technical solutions in cooperation with the contractor and investor is our forte. See how we provide comfort and a unique look.

    • Design studios and architects.
    • Investors in the hotel industry.
    • Hotel chain managers.

    Offer for smaller family facilities, guesthouses, motels.

    We offer furniture that will fit into the character of your facility without straining your budget.

    • Owners of family-run guesthouses and small accommodations.
    • Investors in the hotel industry.