Comprehensive Equipment for Hotels and Apartments

We specialize in providing furniture and beds and customized furnishings for hotels, apartments and condohotels. Our range includes a wide assortment of box and upholstered furniture, tailored to the needs of facilities of all sizes – from a few rooms to several hundred. We offer reception counters, built-ins, sofas, hotel extensions, chairs and tables, allowing us to provide comprehensive furnishings for your facility. Our employees have known the industry for many years and, with their knowledge and experience, can help at every stage of implementation – from design to production and delivery to installation. We provide time savings and convenience, which is essential when dealing with challenges such as opening a new facility or refreshing it. See how we can support your project and get every detail in place.

Why should you work with us?

  • We work with the developer and construction teams implementing the project.
  • We thoroughly discuss the electrical design, which is the basis of the matching equipment.
  • We make a model room, and since this is usually not enough, we inventory all the rooms.
They trusted us
How can we help you?

We probably won't eliminate all your problems, but we will certainly take some of them on board.

We attach great importance to detailed cooperation with the investor and construction teams, so that each project is carried out with the utmost precision. Our implementation processes are based on a detailed analysis of the original designs, which influence the setting and type of furniture. We accomplish this by measuring the rooms before making the furniture and preparing shop drawings, if needed. This makes it possible to provide furnishings that match the rooms and the installations that have been made, and allows for other work, especially electrical and plumbing, without waiting for all the furniture to be completed.
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    Equipped rooms in 2023.

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    Equipped hotels in 2023.