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Nearly 30% of our customers finance their purchases through leasing

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Why choose leasing?

Operating leases are not only flexible financing, but also a way to maintain creditworthiness without burdening a company’s balance sheet. Deciding to lease means being able to maintain liquidity and budgeting more easily. Leasing allows our customers to use the equipment without having to commit significant own funds at the beginning of the investment.

Our capabilities:

  • Leasing as low as 40 thousand zlotys up to 4 million zlotys.
  • Financing period of up to 60 months, which allows flexible adjustment of installments to the customer’s needs and capabilities.
  • Minimum down payment and financing options in euros, which is ideal for companies that also operate outside the country.
  • We work with reputable financial partners, such as PKO Bank Polski with BGK guarantee, which ensures the safety and stability of financing.

Benefits of leasing hotel furniture:

  • Ability to take advantage of tax deductions, which lowers the actual cost of financing.
  • Maintaining the company’s creditworthiness, which is crucial for planning further growth.
  • The credit history gained through leasing facilitates future financing and investment.

Thanks to our flexible leasing offer, nearly 30% of our customers have already decided to finance their purchases in this way, valuing above all the minimization of formalities and the possibility of financing on attractive terms.

We encourage you to contact our financial department, which will help you choose the most favorable offer and guide you through the entire process – from application to finalization of the transaction.

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