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    Producent Mebli WH PLUS

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    ul. Ks. Bpa Bednorza 2A lok. H2

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      Sales department

      • How much will it cost to equip your facility?
      • How long will the implementation take, what can be adjusted to save money?
      • How to reduce the risk of extending the investment period and how do we cooperate with other teams?
      • What is the procedure for the implementation and assistance with the opening of the facility that is beneficial for you?

      sales director

      Dariusz Kwieciński


      Operations Director

      Grzegorz Raczek


      Design department

      • Shall we draw what you came up with? Can another, equally good and cheaper material be used?
      • Will the washbasin cabinet from your design last more than a year?
      • Why can my fridge or minibar get too hot?
      • Can furniture cause trouble for the fire department?

      designer, consultant

      Dorota Przybyła

      designer, consultant

      Kinga Chałon


      designer, consultant

      Piotr Świtalski



      • Can you change the color of our furniture and chairs to your favorite color?
      • What are the differences between individual mattresses and how to choose the best one for you?
      • If you want to talk about individual purchases or retrofitting your facility with beds, sofas and extra beds.

      head of the shop department

      Joanna Apryjas


      e-commerce specialist

      Jagoda Szymczak

      graphic designer, consultant, designer

      Adam Pinis