Informacje o realizacji: Radisson Blu Resort & Conference Center

The hotel’s furnishings were made according to the client’s design, but the design of the furniture refers to the City industry hotel furniture system. This delivered system includes: closet cabinets with a welcome module with a minibar, a trunk in the form of a seat, mirrors, a desk/toilet, a TV panel, a headrest panel with bedside tables and an occasional table.

The hotel’s furniture was made from Pfleiderer’s flame-retardant laminate board, while the furniture in the hotel’s common areas was made from laminates, veneer and milled plywood with conglomerates, steel and glass. We also supplied upholstered items.

The investor had a number of requirements for furniture, given the categorization of the hotel. These included plenty of closet space, plenty of comfortable seating, large mirrors and a bathroom cabinet mounted directly to the wall, as well as top-of-the-line hotel beds.

We met all customer requirements and received positive feedback from the hotel. We are proud of the work we have done and are pleased to have been able to provide hotel furniture that meets the highest quality standards.

If you are looking for hotel furniture that is made of high quality materials, take a look at our portfolio and contact our consultants.

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