Hotel furniture in detail

Zapytanie ofertowe

    We produce hotel furniture, equipment for hotels, apartments and hotel rooms

    We equip facilities with hotel furniture from several to several hundred rooms. We carry out individual projects, but we also have ready-made sets of furniture for customers who require it. Based on many years of experience, we are able to save your money and your time by optimizing the price and technical design of the project during the bidding process.

    WH Plus - Hotel furniture

    We save you time by producing matching room furniture and assembling it in coordination with other teams.

    We are trusted by both hotel chains and family businesses of all sizes

    • We furnish facilities from a few to several hundred rooms according to the project, but we also have ready-made furniture sets for customers who need it.
    • We provide complementary equipment of beds, seats, tables, chairs
    • We carry out individual projects - counters, built-ins, pillar housings, elevators, shafts
    • We can save you money and time by optimizing the price and technical design free of charge
    • We help with investment financing

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    Companies that have trusted us

    Investment financing through leasing

    More than 30% of our customers choose to lease hotel furniture. By working with our financial partners, we are able to offer you attractive leasing terms.

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