Informacje o realizacji: Szyndzielnia Apartments

As part of the project for Szyndzielnia Apartments, we have made comprehensive
furnishings of the apartments
with high-quality Egger Halifax board, including kitchen annexes and bathrooms. We created the kitchen and bathroom countertops from durable compact laminate, which ensured not only aesthetics, but also functionality and longevity of use. In addition, we designed and realized a modern, small reception area, perfectly matching the new furnishings of the apartments.

The client’s original requirements and expectations were to create a modern and functional interior that would be suitable for both short-term and long-term guests. An important aspect was the versatility of our hotel furniture, as well as its durability and aesthetics, so that it could meet the needs of different types of guests.

The condition of the hotel before the project began was exemplary. The facility was perfectly prepared for the installation of new furniture, heated, and there was exceptional order on the site, which made the work much easier and faster. The main goal of the project was to maximize the use of the apartments’ space and raise the standard of the interiors, which was expected to have a direct impact on the satisfaction of hotel guests.

For the project, we chose hotel furniture on metal frames coated with structural varnish, which gave it a modern look and durability. Compact laminate kitchen countertops were not only aesthetically pleasing, but also highly functional, allowing, among other things. sink suspension. One of the challenges we encountered during the implementation was the delivery of furniture to the rooftop apartment, which required the use of a specialized crane.

The new hotel furniture has greatly influenced the aesthetics of the hotel, giving it a modern and cozy feel. Spaces have become more functional, resulting in more efficient guest services. The client was so pleased with the project that he invited us to work with him to equip another facility.

The quality of our furniture in the context of this project was beyond reproach. The products were characterized by high durability and solid construction, which was appreciated by the customer. Specific features of our furniture, such as the durability of compact laminate and modern design, particularly contributed to the success of this project.

The long-term benefits to the hotel of investing in our hotel furniture include making the facility more attractive to guests, which translates into higher profits and positive reviews. We learned many valuable lessons from this project that can be helpful to other hotels considering a similar interior update. We recommend our hotel furniture to other consultants and hotels that want to raise the standard of their spaces, while guaranteeing durability and aesthetics.

Our offer also includes
hotel beds
, hotel mattresses and hotel sofas, which can be customized to meet the individual needs of each property, ensuring the comfort and satisfaction of guests. With our products, any hotel can become a place where guests are eager to return.

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