Informacje o realizacji: White Lotus Krakow

As a manufacturer of hotel furniture, we have provided comprehensive furnishings for the White Lotus aparthotel in Cracow, covering 16 suites. Our task included the manufacture and installation of furniture made of furniture board. We supplied hotel furniture including hotel beds with hotel mattresses, kitchenettes, freestanding furniture, and hotel sofas that fit in with the modern and functional design of the facility.

The apartments are dominated by neutral colors with accents of navy blue and gold, which creates a cohesive and elegant decor. The interiors are finished with high-quality materials, and the thoughtful design of the furniture ensures practical use while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

The challenge was the location in the center of Krakow, where the difficulties of access and unloading in the cramped streets of the old city required detailed logistics. In addition, the need to adjust the design during implementation meant that we had to be flexible in modifying the furniture and its functionality.

As part of the implementation, we also delivered kitchen annexes, the design of which makes maximum use of the available space and ensures comfort.

The White Lotus project is an example of how complex hotel equipment can be tailored to individual needs and site specifics, even in the face of logistical and design challenges.

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Lokalizacja: Malopolska, Kraków
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