We made hotel furniture for the luxury Zlyzont Resort in Szklarska Poreba. We have equipped 110 hotel rooms and numerous common areas: restaurant, lobby, reception, bar, pool lockers and bathrooms.

  • More than 110 rooms and common area facilities.
  • The use of stone countertops and stone veneer.
  • Modern furniture design, including openwork walls and furniture with rotating TV.


We made hotel furniture for the Szyndzielnia Apartments facility. We have equipped dozens of apartments and a modern reception area.

  • More than dozens of apartments with kitchenettes and bathrooms.
  • The use of durable compact laminates and Egger Halifax boards.
  • Modern design of furniture on metal frames covered with structural varnish.

Both the building and the apartment itself luxurious. Wonderful large terrace, elegant decor and all amenities for a short stay.

Very stylishly decorated, super comfortable bed.

Modern technology has been used and considerable attention has been paid to the details of the design. The rooms and the entire hotel infrastructure are tasteful and pleasing to the eyes.


We made hotel furniture for the luxury Linea Mare facility in Pobierowo. We have equipped 235 hotel rooms and numerous common areas: restaurant, bar, lobby and spa.

  • More than 235 rooms, as well as common area and spa facilities.
  • Use of flame-retardant materials and laminates.
  • Unique design of the furniture referring to the colors of the sea and coral reef.


  • 250 rooms plus spa facilities and pool counters
  • used ornamental glass in headrests and fronts, and lacquer-tinted frets
  • Q2 studio project

We can check whether the various proposed materials can be converted into equivalent ones. We can check the dimensions of the furniture, which affect the amount of raw material used in production. Thanks to the high production volume, we can get lower prices for board, pvc veneer, wood and fabric, which will ultimately reduce the […]

Of course yes, although it is not true that all the furniture in the room must be made of flame-retardant board. The main aspect is whether or not they are permanently attached to the ground or walls, and consequently how they are mounted. In the history of our implementations, the fire department’s interpretation of the […]