The furniture elements of a hotel room determine to a large extent how a hotel guest perceives the room and how he feels in it. Hotel furnishings can take many forms , so, because of this diversity, I have divided their description into sections. First, an overview of the most commonly used headrests:

BEDROOM OR OTHERWISE HEAD OF BED: It is the element that determines the character of the entire room. Its an essential and highly visible part. Therefore, investors attach great importance to its appearance. Here is an overview of the most interesting solutions.


Hotel headrest high

The headrest, in addition to its decorative function, also plays the role of protecting the wall from damage, and allows (properly constructed) to run electrical wiring inside it.
In the picture: visualization of LUPUS company


But one step at a time:

Hard headrests without an upholstered element are also sometimes used.

Headrest without upholstery at Tobaco Hotel Łódź


But this decorative and room-enhancing element of the headrest is its upholstered part. Opinions are divided among investors as to the type of material it should be made of. Since most facilities have air conditioning, high-quality artificial leather is chosen more often due to its easier maintenance.


Faux leather headrest, Hotel Heron Sienna nad Dunajcem

Fabric headrest, Green Mountain Resort & SPA, Karpacz

We also use plush, soft fabrics that give the interior a cozy feel


Upholstered headrest only, Holiday Inn Krakow


It is often the case that the headrest has only an upholstered part.

I have written about the requirements and fire regulations in such a case, and the need for flame-retardant materials in a separate article.


Headrest with wooden side elements and LED strip, Heron Hotel

The upholstered element is most often embedded in a piece of furniture. This solution makes it easy to run electrical wiring, hang cabinets on it (about nightstands in the following articles) and place outlets, switches and bedside lamps.


The shapes and colors of the elements used are limited only by the imagination of the investor and designer.


Trapezoidal headrest, Lwowska 1, Krakow


3D shaped headrest, Villa Ozon, Sopot

Movable headrest, Wigry hotel, Suwalki

If the beds are to be movable and form a double bed if necessary (more on this later), and the upholstery does not cover the entire width of the set, movable headrests are used, sliding along with the beds. They move along the wooden elements of the headrest.

Movable headrest, Lwowska 1, Krakow

However, not too many builders opt for this solution, and I don’t recommend it either because of the complexity and the fact that a well-designed headrest will fulfill its role for both single beds and beds put together as a double bed. About this in the next article on beds.


Noise-absorbing headrest

It is a headrest with a very large surface area, which transitions seamlessly into the ceiling development and TV panel. Making it of special foam results in improved acoustic comfort in the room.

A novelty that we recently introduced, in parallel with the headrest, is a whole set of noise-absorbing furniture, which we showed at INDEX in Dubai and where they were very popular.


Lessons learned from experience:

  1. Most customers choose lower headrests that do not cover the entire wall. This is also because of the cost. However, it is worth noting that by using a high headrest we can deduct the cost of wall covering, such as wallpaper, which is used on the wall, above the low headrest. This is also the case with a large closet, especially the closet, trunk, closet set. Here, too, you can save a lot on wall coverings. With facilities of more than 50 rooms, these are quite substantial amounts.
  2. Led strip in the headrest panel brings out wall imperfections, if any. It is better to use directional strips that shine more towards the room. In general, the lighting used is a warm white color.
  3. Based on feedback from customers who have been using our products for a long time, there is not much difference in using a headrest made of washable fabrics, or softer, plush fabrics. I have in mind the matter of keeping this element clean.
  4. The most common are headrests with a soft upholstered part over the beds and wooden elements, on both sides of the beds. Guests appreciate being able to use the “material” section while reading, or watching TV


In the next article I will describe what the existence of the headrest makes no sense without, namely the bed. I’ll try to explain how to size the headrest for single beds and double beds


Rafal Hyla, Katowice 2019-09-24