Kompleksowe Wyposażenie dla hoteli i apartamentów

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Many interiors were created based on our ready-made sets, or with minor changes.

Hotel furniture – sets

We produce furniture for hotels and apartments, we supply accessories, deliver and assemble them, saving your time.

We have noticed that many investors do not have time to acquire competence in designing hotel and residential spaces on their own.

Professional assistance and experience

Having a general design and not wanting to work with interior designers, they expect ready-made solutions. Solutions, based on which, it is easy to see how the interiors will look like, easy to calculate in the investment budget. Sometimes a change happens in the course of implementation, with the project becoming obsolete over time. Then we provide professional assistance using the experience of our design and technical department. Many interiors were created based on our ready-made sets, or with minor changes.

CITY set

  • Set with thickened tops up to 5cm, or in the economy version 3.6cm.
  • Possibility of using ornaments made of aluminum slats
  • The possibility of using upholstery in the legs of occasional tables
  • Characteristic dressing table used when there is little space in the room
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  • tops thickened to 8 cm
  • furniture fixed to walls, without support
  • drawer in line with desk top
  • No handles, instead a contrast strip and milling in the door


  • wooden legs in the elements of the dressing table and cabinets
  • cutters instead of holders
  • headrests made of highgloss board
  • inverted jars in cabinet doors
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  • Set with noise-absorbing elements
  • Characteristic headrest combined with TV panel
  • Rounded shapes of furniture
  • Stone elements used


  • Set on metal racks
  • Possibility to use painted and chrome frames
  • Convenient drawer with the depth of a desk top
  • Drawers in line with the top of the bedside cabinets
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  • high headrest, not used everywhere
  • long dressing table
  • bases of elements rounded
  • built-in closet

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