Hotel furniture in detail

Zapytanie ofertowe

    Furniture for apartments for rent

    Apartment facilities affect the comfort of your guests and directly translate into the number of bookings at your facility. Our offer of furnishings for short-term rental apartments includes the necessary equipment for the facility with high-quality, durable furniture.

    We use the latest technologies and materials. Our furniture is durable, functional and aesthetically pleasing. We take an individual approach to each project, offering technical advice, design services and pricing to meet all your expectations.

    • We make our furniture to the highest quality standards, making it durable and long-lasting.
    • We have a wide range of materials and designs, so you can choose the most suitable solution for you.
    • We meet deadlines and offer fast and professional installation services.
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    Sample offer of apartment equipment

    We are a company specializing in the comprehensive furnishing of hotel apartments for rent. We offer a wide range of quality furniture, tailored to meet the individual needs and budget of the customer. All furniture is delivered and assembled by our assembly teams, specialists with years of experience. At the design stage, we advise the client on the best solutions in terms of the ergonomics of each room, cost optimization and the best possible use of the apartment’s space. We treat each project individually, and it is handled by a project coordinator assigned to the client.
    Bed base

    The base of the hotel bed is made of high-quality materials that are resistant to damage and wear. It is easy to assemble and maintain, and its compact design based on casters in the headboard section allows for easy portability. The hotel bed base is an ideal product for use in hotels, guesthouses and other accommodations.


    Multipocket mattress

    A comfortable and durable mattress that provides optimal sleeping comfort. It is made of high-quality polyurethane foam, which provides excellent flexibility and support for the body. In addition, the mattress is equipped with a 7-layer pocket system, which offers equal hardness zones for a healthy sleep.


    Bedside table

    A hotel nightstand is a functional piece of furniture that is a must in any accommodation facility. We offer many different models of hotel cabinet depending on the style of other hotel furniture.


    Recessed closet

    Made of high-quality materials, the built-in closet provides plenty of storage space for clothes and other belongings. We also make cabinets according to individual design.


    Fold-out sofa

    The sofa has a folding function, so it can be quickly and easily transformed into a comfortable bed. The use of durable mechanisms and solid finishing materials allows the sofa to be used every day without fail.



    Made of high-quality materials, the chair is durable and resistant to damage. It has a comfortable seat and backrest for comfortable sitting. In addition, the armchair is available in a variety of colors and designs, so you can match it with your interior design.



    It is made of durable materials such as wood or metal, making it resistant to damage. It has wide drawers and shelves that allow for easy storage of various items.


    Dining table

    A hotel table is a versatile piece of furniture that can be found in hotel rooms. It is usually made of durable and long-lasting furniture board, which is finished with high-quality laminate. It can come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, making it easy to match the interior design. This piece of furniture is extremely functional and can be used for eating, working and meetings.


    Table chairs

    The chairs are trwałe i łatat w czyszczeniu. Posiadają ergonomicznne shape i wyProf.ilowane oparcie, które zapewniają wygodę użytkowania. Są dostępne w wielu różnych styleah, kolorah.

    Coffee table

    A functional piece of furniture that will be perfect as an additional table next to a sofa or armchair.

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    TV cabinet

    Made of high quality furniture board. The cabinet has storage compartments that are ideal for storing electronic equipment.



    The hotel desk is durable and resistant to damage. It has a wide work surface that provides a comfortable place to work. In addition, the desk has convenient drawers and shelves to store various items.



    The bookcase provides additional storage space for small items. It adds aesthetics to the room.



    A pouf for an apartment is an additional seat in the room. It is made of durable materials, making it easy to clean. The poufs are available in a variety of colors.


    Closet with mirror

    Hotel closet with mirror is an essential place to store clothes, shoes and other items. Depending on the model, it has various shelves and hangers, as well as a mirror.


    The laths can serve as an interior decoration or subtly separate the different zones of a room.