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    In connection withąIn connection with the commencement ofęApplication of the RegulationąThe European Parliament and Council Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of April 27, 2016. On the protection of individuals in connection withąin connection with the processing of personal data and the free flow of such data, and based on Art. 13 and Art. 14 of the above regulationąWe provide the required regulationsąRegulation information and inform, że as of May 25, 2018. będą You are entitled to certainśthanżThe following rights related toąrelated to the processing of personal data by WH PLUS Furniture Manufacturer Krystyna Hyla.

    (1) The administrator of your personal data is the company WH PLUS Furniture Manufacturer Krystyna Hyla, conductingbusiness at the address: ul. ks. bpa Herbert Bednorza 2a/C4, 40-384 Katowice with assigned tax identification number (NIP): 6441050562

    2. personal data willędą processed in at least one of the followingępująpurposes:

    a. in order to perform a contract to which the partiesą is a person or represented by a personą the company to which the data relatesą, or to undertakeęto take actionń on requestthe request of the data subjectą, before the conclusion of the contract under Art. 6 paragraph. 1(b)

    b. for the purpose of fulfilling the obligatoryąlegal obligationsbearingon the Administrator, on the basis of the commonly bindingąbindingąLaws, including accounting lawsści, tax regulations and their derivatives under Art. 6 paragraph. 1(c).

    c. for the purposes ofąarising from legitimate interests pursued by the controller or by the partyę third partyąconsisting ofąof acquiring new contacts to potential commercial customers in order to offer their own products and services, conduct marketing and advertising campaigns, possibly establish claimsń or protection of claimsń or defense against claims, etc.

    d. for the purpose of sellingżThe Administrator's marketing and marketing activities carried out on the basis of expressedżheą by youą/your consent to the processing of data under Art. 6 paragraph. 1(a).

    3. your personal data was obtained in one of the listed ways:

    a. byśrarily providing personal data, sending traditional or electronic correspondence, filling out the appropriate form on the administrator's website

    b. with publicly availableępious źsources and registers such as: CEIDG, KRS, REGON, NIP, PKD, company websites, advertisements on the Internet, official company information line operatingąoperating at telephone numbers listed on the Internet

    c. through the purchase of a commercial contact database from entities that, in writing after theśhave and areą able to demonstrateć having your consent to process and transfer your data to third parties

    4. based on the specificsę business conductedśThe administrator focused on handlingę individuals, collected and processed będą categories of data includeące principal personal data, such as nameę, name, phone numbers, email addresses, IP addresses.

    5. your personal data będą transferred to entities świadącept for the service administratorędne for the execution and performance of the concluded/planned to be concluded with youą/ Mr. contracts, such as book servicesęg, courier services, postal services, telecommunication service providers, hosting service providers, manufacturers and suppliers of products offered by the administrator in the field of nonbęd to acquire these products (e.g., software licensing, product registration, activation of service packages and the like), legal, analytical and marketing services, investigation of dueżnośof contracts, settlement of contracts, banking services for payment processingśyou, to bodies entitled to receive your personal data on the basis of absoluteędaysązująctive legislation.

    (6) The data controller does not intend to transferć personal data to stateńthird country or international organizationęinternational organization.

    7. your personal data willędą processed only for the longestżof the followingęfollowingąThe following time periods:

    a. For the time required by law, including regulations on accountingśand tax regulations,

    b. For a period of at most 3 years after the last contact,

    c. over the life of the solutionąof the activities coveredęof these guarantees and similar śpledges,

    d. For the duration of the concluded contract,

    e. for a period not exceedingędividuals to pursue possible claimsń or defense against such claims by the administrator

    f. data retention period możbeć każeach timeżhe statute of limitations on claimsń

    8. you have the right to accessęaccess to the contentśpersonal data concerningąregarding you and requestrequest their rectification, erasureęrectification, deletion, restriction of processing, to object to processing, as well as tożright to data portability.

    9. you have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority dealing withądealing withę protectioną Personal data when you consider, żthat the processing of your personal data violates the provisions of the Regulationą2016/679

    (10) Provision of personal data is required by the administrator in order to respond and provide information or to prepare, conclude and perform a contract. Consequencesą Failure to provide the personal data required by the administrator is not possibleżability tośto respond and provide information or the inability tożability tośpreparation, conclusion and execution of the contract.

    11. your personal data will not beędą profiled, and automated action will beęwill be performed only by the IT systems handlingąthat support the administrator's website, e-mail system and automated invoicing and collection system.

    12.Obligationsąinformation obligation with regard to personal data received, will be fulfilled by the controller after the acquisition of personal data at the latestźwithinąwithin one monthąmonth or at the first communication carried out with a personąto whom the data pertainsą.

    13.Obligationsąinformation obligation bęwill be implemented depending onżnośdepending on źsource of data acquisition and accessęthe available communication medium:

    a. in the case of receipt of data from the form on the website obligatoryąbęwill be realized after completing and sending the form as a redirection to the link to this study

    b. in the case of receipt of data in the form of a business card obligatoryąbęwill be carried out by sending electronic correspondence containingąwith a link to this study

    c. Upon receipt of the traditional correspondence, the obligatoryąbęwill be implemented by sending a reply to thisą correspondenceę either in traditional form or in the form of electronic correspondence containingąincluding a link to this study

    d. Upon receipt of electronic correspondence, the obligatoryąbęwill be implemented by sending an electronic response to thisą correspondenceę containącą link to this study

    e. after receiving data from the publicly availableępious źsources and registersąobligationęwill be carried out after the accessionęmeeting or conversation by sending electronic correspondence containingącą link to this paper

    f. Once the data has been obtained through the purchase of a commercial contact database, the obligatoryąbęwill be carried out by sending electronic correspondence containingąwith a link to this study

    14. in case of necessityśdeletion of your data, all collected personal data will beą deletedęremoved from your computer.śThey are removed from the files and registers or anonymized ifżif deletedędeletion of data would violate the structureę data. In każin any case we will try toę realizeć PańState requestdishes. Możsię however, it turned outć, żThat it is technically or organizationally impossibleżlive or wiążsię with excessive effort and śIn such a situation we will inform youństate about the lack of możliwośthose of implementation ¿±dation and its causes.