Taking advantage of the fact that we work with many hotel investors, we asked about the factors influencing the success of a project at the development and implementation stages. We spoke with more than 30 owners and managers of facilities (including Mountain Resorts, Nosalowy Dwór, Witek Hotel Center) and asked them 3 questions:

1. other than price, what is the most important element on the basis of which hotel guests choose your facility specifically (assuming that all serious players offer similar high quality service)?

2. What aspects of the facility’s equipment do you pay attention to during the implementation of the project, so that the facility is friendly to the hotel guest and the guest is satisfied with his choice?

3. What actions during the furnishing of rooms would you recommend to investors for avoiding mistakes and obtaining a satisfactory result?



Managers also point out that a decorative element (for example, a marine aquarium) standing in a publicly accessible point of the facility, or an interesting sculpture, installation in front of it, allows free advertising of the facility. This is through the guests themselves, who are eager to take photos of themselves at it and share them on social media.


It has also been brought to our attention that guests increasingly appreciate coffee from an espresso machine, rather than the instant coffee that comes with the room as a welcome kit. Although it competes with the hotel’s restaurant, you can’t underestimate the taste of the morning coffee from the machine, drunk while still in the hotel room.

A model room is essential, but one made after all other installations can already only try to hide ergonomic errors, if any. Therefore, it is important that the coordination of interiors is done with the participation of the maximum number of contractors and at the earliest possible stage.