This is a very important, if not the most important part of any facility. It determines the first impression a hotel guest will get.


(Metropolo by Golden Tulip – city hotel)


(Platinium Mountain Resort – mountain hotel)


It is difficult to have any rules here. A very high degree of freedom limited only by the ingenuity of the designer or investor, who must take into account the character and sometimes the history of the building and choose hotel furnishings on this basis.

(Tobaco Łódź – hotel in a former cigarette factory)


(Szczawnica Park Szczawnica – mountain hotel)


When evaluating the appearance of a counter, we look at how it looks from the outside. Meanwhile, in terms of ergonomics, the inner part is just as important. Always the internal design must meet the needs of the people working there, that is:

  • number of people
  • the computer equipment used
  • the way room cards and documents are stored

And in bar counters, the same requirements apply to technology, that is, all equipment such as coffee makers, kegs, refrigerators, sinks. Their proper planning in the construction of the counter is required already at the stage of production.


Bar counters, for obvious reasons, must have a section that presents the alcohol offered to customers.

(PMR Szklarska Poreba)


If a bar, then a good breakfast on the second day. Breakfast buffets are implemented either as a set of wall cabinets,

(Szczawnica Park)


Or islands in the middle of the breakfast room

(Bel Mare Międzyzdroje)


(Metropolo by Golden Tulip)


An interesting application can be a piece of furniture that combines both features as we show below:

You can find more information about this solution here:
Breakfast table – transformation from island to snake

In conclusion, it should be noted that the implementation of beautiful and bold design concepts received from a client, or a design bureau, should always be preceded by consultation with the people who will work there later.

(Jakuszyce Sports Hotel)