Each solution carries certain pros and cons. To begin with, a few words of explanation as to how the 2 materials differ

The questions that are most often asked by my clients relate to the amount of equipment needed in a hotel room, and fire regulations….

This is a very important, if not the most important part of any facility. It determines the first impression a hotel guest will get.

Nearly 2 years ago, we blogged a ranking of bathroom cabinets by price and convenience. Since then, some aspects have become outdated and new models have emerged, so I offer a fresh look at the topic.

A few words about nightstands. The traditional ones stand on the floor and can be rearranged fairly easily. Most often, when beds are put together into double beds or set up…

The furniture elements of a hotel room determine to a large extent how a guest perceives the room and how they feel in it….

The vertical element developments can be ordinary, or interesting. Here’s an example of pole development using “spatial technology”….

Taking advantage of the fact that we work with many hotel investors, we asked about the factors influencing the success of a project at the development and implementation stages. We spoke to more than 30 facility owners and managers and asked them 3 questions….