Nearly 2 years ago we posted on the blog
ranking of bathroom cabinets
, due to their price and convenience of use.

Since then, some aspects have become outdated, new models have emerged, so I offer a fresh look at the topic.


A common question we encounter, when talking to clients, is the type of bathroom cabinet that should be used in the bathroom of a hotel room. Usually the customer chooses the type of sink leaving it to us to customize the appropriate cabinet. We decided to present some examples of the solutions we made to show what materials can be used and how, based on user feedback, the furniture we made “behaves” after several years.

The main concern of customers is the effect of moisture and water on the furniture. This raises the question of whether it must be made of waterproof materials, such as waterproof plywood, or waterproof board? This is, of course, possible, but in what follows we will show that it is not necessary.

Plywood or waterproof board significantly increase the price of the cabinet, and this has a considerable impact on the choice. We can see the sense of using such materials in cabinets with complex shapes, requiring many cutouts and adjustments, which need to be properly secured. Meanwhile, most cabinets are straight in shape, with the top being the main element that determines durability. We would like to point out that in a minority of cases we influenced the type of countertop, following the wishes of the customer, or the designer.

Not to be overlooked is the fact that the countertop also has visual and aesthetic qualities, not just protective qualities. Let’s move on to specific solutions.

When a customer needs dozens and often hundreds of cabinets, he pays attention to the price. Looking for durable and economical solutions, we proposed 2 types of cabinets.

The cabinet is made entirely of melamine-faced board (MFC), the narrow edges of which, before veneering, have been protected with a special agent that increases resistance to moisture absorption. I would add that regardless of the type of countertop, we apply this solution to all cabinets.


(WMD – source: LUPUS own materials)


An enriched option for such a cabinet is the use of a postformed top. This is nothing more than a kitchen countertop. Its advantage is a color scheme that matches the colors of the body panels and a rounded finish on the edge of the top.

(OSADA ŚNIEŻKA – source website:

Since the investors and operators of the above facilities have a lot in common, we decided to present their joint opinions on the above furniture, especially since they are almost identical. According to the director of the Settlement, and the head of BMR’s technical department, there is nothing wrong with the MFC cabinets. There are no signs of use and the influence of water or moisture on the cabinets.


Additional protection for the cabinet top can be decorative glass, in this case lacobel.

(Arche Częstochowa – website source:

According to the opinion of the director of the Arche Czestochowa hotel, the cabinets do not have any signs of use.


Let’s move on to the most popular cabinets on the market today with stone or artificial stone countertops.

We rarely use natural stone because of its price. Below is an example of a cabinet with a shivakashi gold granite countertop, used at the BWP Fussen facility – Germany

(BEST WESTERN PREMIUM Fussen – source: LUPUS own materials)


Please note that in this case, as well as in the next one, the sink is suspended from the countertop. It is considered more elegant and more convenient to use.
A quartzite countertop was used here.

(HOTEL HERON – website source: LUPUS own materials)

The director’s opinion of the cabinets is unequivocally positive, with customers praising the quality and convenience of the solution in Google reviews.


The cabinet shown below and used in the Wolin Hotel has an identical type of top. Only the color of the elements and the shape of the cabinet were changed. Not surprisingly, the quality opinion is similar to the above.


(HOTEL WOLIN – source: LUPUS own materials)


We used a similar solution at the Meta Szczyrk hotel. The top has a slightly different shape. It is difficult to expect customer feedback, as the facility is new.

(META HOTEL – source: LUPUS own materials)


Free-standing cabinets on metal frames avoid the problem of assembly and allow the use of more than one countertop. In the solution shown, even 3. This is important for customers who have a large amount of their own cosmetics and hygienic utensils.

(Platinium Mountain & SPA Hotel – source: LUPUS own materials)


Cabinets in the form of 2 countertops are becoming more and more popular, with the upper, larger one housing a sink with a faucet, and the lower one being a place for towels. If the cabinet is not adjacent to the wall by any of its sides, make sure to have a good hanging system

(Radisson type cabinet – source: LUPUS own materials)


(Countertop cabinet mounting – source: LUPUS own materials)



Notes that may be helpful:

  1. Waterproof board should definitely be used if the countertop area is small in relation to the sink. In other words, if the edge of the sink is less than 5 cm, from the edge of the cabinet. Then the danger that the edge of the countertop will be exposed to frequent contact with water during use is high.
  2. Good protection with waterproof silicone of the edges of the countertop adjacent to the walls, as well as the openings for sinks and faucets is necessary, regardless of the material used.
  3. For a sink cabinet to be used safely, 2 conditions are necessary. Strong hanging elements and a reinforced wall where the cabinet is to hang. Of course, if the wall is not made of brick, or concrete. Such reinforcements should be used during construction work and can be, for example, OSB.


The choice of a particular piece of furniture for the apartment is up to the customer. We hope that the solutions presented will help you decide if there is a need to replace, or purchase cabinets for a new facility. If you have any questions, we remain at your disposal and invite you to visit our pages, where you will also find other useful information.


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