What can be done so that the kitchenette does not spoil the appearance of the room and fit into it, and most importantly, so that the kitchenette does not resemble a kitchen when it does not serve such a function?

Solution: #KomodoKitchen
A kitchenette that looks like a dresser. After opening the upper countertop, which also serves as a protective wall, the actual kitchen countertop with a two-burner cooktop and sink appears to us. The top is resistant to heat and moisture.

One of the cabinets houses a minibar with a freezer, and there is a cabinet for dishes under the countertop.

After folding, we return to the function of the dresser, which does not differ in appearance and form from other furniture and is a great addition to the decor of the room.

This particular model was used in the first ***** hotel in Karpacz

[youtube v=”8u98–2CcGc”]

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